Artist Management

Our in-house team of professionals will bring to you a spectacular list of talents you could hire at your next event from any genre or category you want. We manage every small detail from getting their contact to putting a pin in their suit for their performance.

Venue Selection

Selecting a perfect venue can be critical & doing it old school is not our thing. Be it a beach party in New Delhi or a snow fall in Bombay, we’ll make it possible. Offering you the perfect place to create memories worthy enough to reminisce in your future.


From local delicacies to international gourmets. Whatever your taste buds require, we shall put together an exclusive menu just for you and your guests. Not forgetting dietary preferences for each person present at your gala.

Brand Association

We believe in developing relationships with our consumers and we are here to build one with yours. Letting them not just be receiving a marketing message but to be engaged in the experience

Creating Experience

Involving your customers with your brand by not just showing them what you do but making them do the same, is our motto. Sit back, relax and hear our ideas flowing as we create journey of experiences.

Activations & Installations

We are here to create the perfect harmony among the sponsors, customers and you. We offer out-of-the-box ideas to drive the much-needed fan excitement, be it an impossible task. WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Theme Design

Aren’t we just tired of looking at flowers and flowers every fucking where we go? You want our staff to dress up as characters from Game of Thrones? Hell, yeah we’ll make it happen!

Event Decor

We are known for the creativity we bring to the table. You like it Chic & modern or tradition & classic? We’ll create the perfect décor just the way you like it. Just trust us & watch the show blow your mind!!

Photography & Videography

Sunrise & Sunset. Who cares for that? Don’t you want to feel pretty on your own wedding day? We’ll get you the perfect Photographer who wouldn’t mind taking videos of your bachelor parties too.


Legendary performances require quintessential platforms. We assure you one. Or as many as you want.
Need a runway or a grandstand? We are here to provide you with an ideal platform which suits your
every need.

Audio Visual

LED Screens not enough? Don’t worry, we’ll create a giant-sized hologram just to give you that innovative and WOW element that you were missing in your event all these years. Sounds like fun isn’t it?
Well it is exactly how it sounds to you.

Budget Management

We understand that money does not grow on trees. You have your targets and budgets to look into. Well and so do we and we understand that part. So let us know your lot and we promise to not spend a dime over it.