Our passion is our


Our unique set of values guide us in delivering excellent results and our distinctive work ethic differentiates us from our peers thereby making us stand out in the highly competitive industry. Our design aesthetic and flawless execution is governed by a simple 3-part method :
Ideate. Innovate. Implement

We bring to the table an inimitable professional attitude and a zeal to deliver phenomenal experiences.

Founder –

Priyanka Saini

With an extensive career across borders, spanning from New York City to Dubai and now India and having honed her skills in Hospitality and Event Management from Switzerland (The country of hospitality and diversity), Priyanka has built herself a glorious reputation of being one of the youngest and most sought-after event planners.

Bringing to the table a modern yet professional style and a distinctive work ethic that distinguishes her from her peers in the industry, she carries around her, an aura of confidence. Her approach towards work is unconventional, yet classic and her OCD issues don’t let her get away with the tiniest of details. She presents her innovative ideas with a certain conviction and executes them dedicatedly thereby ensuring that every event is transformed into a magical memory.

Our Team

Jayant Chawla
Business Development

Jayant takes happiness in cheering people up and keeping calm in chaos. He has worked with both entrepreneurs and big corporates, in India and abroad, and after some soul searching came back to chandigarh to keep things real. He is most likely to be seen sipping ginger tea at Chaayos and starting conversations with anyone and everyone.

Vansha Singh
Head of Operations

With an experience in hospitality and service, Vansha believes in incorporating fun into her work. Working within the expected time and presenting exceptional results is one of her strengths. Her friendly and loving nature allows her to connect with her clients more personally and therefore, allows her to provide them with satisfactory results.